In modern times, most of the people are ambitious and want to achieve success in business or profession. It is usually seen that people are sometimes unable to achieve success despite of many efforts and hardwork. According to astrology, a person may face obstacles and problems due to certain planets and their transits. Astrology may help a person to understand how he would be able to achieve success and progress in life.Janma Kundali may provide information about a person’s success and progress. Eleventh house in a Kundali is associated with income or profits. Therefore, transit of exalted planets in this house brings success and prosperity. For an accurate analysis, Navansh Kundali is used. Dashmansh Kundali is considered to be very important for studying success in business. In the same way, tenth house and the Lord of tenth house are considered very important for D-1 and D-9 Kundalis which are categorized as Varga Kundalis. A person achieves success in Dasha or Antardasha of planets which are associated with tenth house, eleventh house or Lord of eleventh house in a Varga Kundali. In the same way, a person achieves success in the presence of strong and auspicious planets.

Analysis of Dasha
Dashas of the Lord of Ascendant, the Lord of tenth house and exalted planets provides success and promotion. When these are associated with the house related to business, a person achieves success in business or profession. If these Dashas are associated with seventh house or Lord of seventh house, a person receives auspicious results.