The human energy field, or aura, is greatly affected by astrology. Zodiac signs undoubtedly dictate a person’s disposition and determine the tendencies of the soul. In turn, the aura derives its degree of luminescence and color from the person’s soul and often times their mood.Each zodiac sign characterizes itself through different personality qualities, colors, symbols, and ruling planets. These traits pass inherently into the person.Aries (March 21 – April 19)-Aries resides under the ruling planet of Mars and portrays the element fire. Arians can be described as outgoing, dynamic, and courageous but can also be arrogant, jealous, and insecure.

An Arian portraying the positive traits of the sign will project an orange aura, which shows courageousness, vitality, and an outgoing social nature. Yet the ram on a bad day will display a muddy forest green aura, which projects jealousy, insecurity, and resentment.Taurus (April 20 -– May 20)Taurus, the bull, is represented under Venus, the earth element, and is drawn toward the colors green and brown. Taureans can be depended upon, are known to be sensible, artistic, and loyal but are also predisposed to be rigid, hot-tempered, and selfish.

A positive bull will radiate a deep red aura, depicting realism and strength. A negative Taurean will show a muddied red aura, projecting anger.