The Fourth house of astrology chart represents fourth house of astrology chart represents the family and personal front of the native.It reveals the peace and harmony in his or her life.4th house reveals the kind of vehicle the person possess. A strong fourth house will indicates presence of high quality of vehicles and presence of many of them.It reveals the mental strength of the native. The strong 4ht house will see the person facing the highest level of hurdles with patience while a weak fourth house will see the person gets panicked in front of small and temporary problems and not able to cope up with them. This weakness of this house will indicates whether the person is prone to depression, anxiety, low self esteem and other kind of mental issues. It informs us about the quantity of dwelling and hovering happiness at home. 4th house depicts the height of understanding in between the family members and with the beloved. It tell us about the quantity of pleasure in the air.

· fourth house of astrology chart emphasizes on the relationship of an individual with his mothers.

· It explores the level of relationships from maternal side of a person.

· It gives us an idea about his treasures of lands, farms, property and other lurking acquisitions.

· It also reveals the possession of the individual related to cattle, horses, elephants and other such assets.

· fourth house of astrology chart tells us about his strength on agricultural side as well.

· It reveals his potential of possessing ornaments and luxuries

· This house also asserts on comfort and discomforts he or she could have in his life span to some extend.

· 4th house tells us the kind of praise the person will attain for the work, he has done for others.

· Altogether it gives us a vision of the depth of the river of prosperity of the native.

· fourth house of astrology chart also explores some health problems regarding chest, lungs and heart. A weak house would indicate heart disease, infections and other issues in the lungs and chest area.

· 4th house reveals the level of satisfactions the person will have from his deeds.