Indian astrology has been part and parcel of Indian culture and life. Today, it has spread to the western world too where serious thinkers are beginning to recognize its constructive role in improving the quality of human life. At the same time, there has been continuing opposition to giving it official recognition, largely from a point of ignorance of the subject. Medical or health astrology horoscope is the investigation and diagnosis of medical problems via Indian Vedic astrology. Much medical informations can be acquired through natal or horoscope chart of a person i.e. probable times of sickness, susceptibility to certain diseases, weakness in constitution, proneness to accidents, exposure to venereal diseases, when to perform surgery or give medicine, choosing a physician, etc.Medical astrology is actually strictly the domain of Ayurvedic physicians, who have the natural opportunity to thoroughly study so many medical

Medical or health astrology is a conglomerate of many branches of astrological knowledge and astrologers mention the medical uses and other branches on Indian Vedic astrology when appropriate. Individual’s health can be predicted accurately through his/her horoscope, where Indian horoscope reveals the periods of stress and diseases can be foreseen.