The current age in which we are living is called Kalyuga in Hinduism. It is the age of darkness. Average age of human beings have reduced to just 70 years compared to the Satyuga’s 150 years. Most of the people die an unnatural death. We are going to look at the combination in the kundli which causes an unnatural death. Unnatural or untimely death may be because of many reasons like, suicide, death in a road accident, drowning etc. Combination are different for each type of death.Definition: Moon being aspected by lord of Lagna should occupy the 6th, 8th or l2th in association with Saturn, Mandi or Rahu.

Analysis : Let’s see durmaran yog in action in the following Horoscope which is of Alex Baroni, a very popular Italian singer and songwriter. He died in a road accident in year 2002.

In his Horoscope, apart from the moon, we should also look at lord of 4th house which is the karaka of vehicles as well as Venus which is again the karaka of vehicles. We should also look at Shani which is the karaka of accidents and metals.