Horoscopes and Selecting Plots, Houses, Homes (How to find the house direction as per name) | Jathaka : We are getting bulk enquiries / questions on “Name and selecting plot”, ( how to select the plot as per my name / jathaka / which direction plot /site is good as per my name etc) for them we prepared this link. Requires corrections to the content. This is only a testing matter. Please have some patience. Visit this link after some days.We are getting minimum 50 calls per month regarding this question, also many visitors wrote emails asking that which direction is suitable for their names or birth star (stars). Generally these questions are very common for astrologers. Many visitors are showing their horoscopes and requesting to select the plot as per their name and horoscope power. In Telugu language, “Perubala”. In other languages many asking about “Namanakshatra bala”, “naambhal”.

One by name Ramachandra, approached one astrologer cum vastu consultant and asked to find out the good direction as per his horoscope. Astrologer checked the horoscope and noted the point that East is good to him. Mr. Ramachandra find many properties and finally checked with one site facing towards East direction. He showed that property to Astrologer. He visited and noticed that, the plot is facing East and its good to Ramachandra, by hearing this Mr. Ramachandra registered the plot and constructed one house. Days passed, and his son become elder and he got married and getting some bad results. He approached another astrologer and asked about his horoscope power and house facing issues. That astrologer said that as per his horoscope and name power, West is excellent. Now the “problem” starts. Shall Ramachandra and his son has to live in that same house or they has to divide to get their own houses as per their horoscopes, because as per Ramachandra East is good, for his son West is good, now how to solve this issue, there is a option that divide the property into two parts East is to Ramachandra and West part is to his son, well, how the West side property owners accepts to give a way to Ramachandra Son. How it is possible, already there is a house at west direction after Ramachandra House. How to solve this issue.