Politicians must have some special yogas in their birth-chart, as they have the responsibility to resolve the problems of people and govern the country. On one hand, they are the rulers of the country and on the other, they serve their countrymen by developing and protecting the nation. Politicians represent different regions and serve their people keeping in view their different needs.
1. Important House: Sixth, Seventh and Eleventh House
In the birth-chart of successful politicians, the relationship of Rahu is acknowledged with the sixth, seventh, tenth and the eleventh house. The tenth house is the house of politics. To participate in politics, any exalted planet should be present in the tenth house/tenth-lord. The auspicious position of Jupiter in the ninth house or the relationship of the tenth house/tenth-lord with the seventh house will lead to success in the field of politics. The sixth house is considered as the house of service. If the sixth house is in relationship with the tenth house/lord, then he will be inclined towards charity and also serve others. The seventh house is tenth from the tenth house, that is why it is considered specifically.
2. Important Planets: Rahu, Saturn and Mars
Rahu is accorded the status of Nitikaarak planet among all the planets and it should influence the house of politics. Sun is also called the Rajya Kaarak planet. If in the tenth house, Sun is in the exalted sign or in its own sign or Rahu forms a relationship with the sixth, tenth or eleventh house, then possibilities will be high to achieve success in politics. If the lord of the second house influences this yoga, the person will be a good spokesman.
If Saturn and Mars are in the tenth house or form a relationship with the tenth lord, then the person will join politics to serve his duties best. Here, Saturn is a well-wisher of public and Mars incurs leadership qualities within a person. Therefore, the relationship of both the planets will enrich the person with the qualities of a good political leader.