The Rog Yog is also an important concept in palmistry. It is considered with special care by the palmists. The Rog Yog is related with the health and physical strength of that individual. The Rog Yog in an individual’s hand can be deduced from several conditions. There is no specific sign on the hand, which indicates the Rog Yog in the hand. The Rog Yog of an individual can be understood from several features imprinted on the hand. The Rog Yog delineates the weakness, premature death, undeveloped body of an individual. If any of this condition is available on the hand then it is considered as Rog Yog. The weak physique of an individual can be understood if the life line is thin and faint and is inclined below. Again if the Heart line touches the mount of Saturn, and if there is a cross mark in the middle of the Head line and the Life line is broken, then it indicates that the individual will have premature death. The life line is very thick and has become full of chains below the mount of Jupiter indicates that the respective individual had weakness in the childhood although he is found to she well enough during his youth and later. Hereditary Disease is also the part of the Rog Yog in an individual. If there is a mark of island at the place from where the Life line starts then the person has hereditary disease. If the life lines is broken it indicates that the person has weak body and he will remain weak throughout his life. If there is a point in the beginning of the life line, then it points to the accident in childhood.