Humans suffer untold miseries like poverty, childlessness, seperation from loved ones, punishments, diseases and torments because of their Karmik actions. Karma is of two types, SUKARMA AND KUKARMA. Acts that are not permitted by Dharma, Kutumba, Grama, Rajya and Vishwa are called as KUKARMA. Such acts are called PAPA or SINS.May it be myself or any of you,at some point in our lives, we must have sinned. Sins can be committed by though, speech and actions. In each case, we increase our Karmic reaction load for this and the next birth resulting into suffering of Mind , Body and Souls.

In order to cleanse oneself of present birth Karmic reactions and reduce suffering, one needs to perform PRAYASCHITTA or Act of Repentance.

Elsewhere I have stressed the importance of Prayer.No Prayer is effective if it is not preceded by element of Repentance.

I want to stress the importance of Repentance or PRAYASCHITTA, here.

No prayer, pooja or offerings to Lord or our ancestors’ spirits in form of Shraddhha is complete if proper PRAYASCHITTA or REPENTANCE is not done for one’s Karmas of present and the past births.

PRAYASCHITTA is like a cleansing Fire, which burns your Sins. No one can escape Karma phala but by doing Prayaschitta the Conscience becomes clean and the suffering is considerably reduced.

All planetary bad periods, bad transits (Gocharas) and bad Yogas in Horoscopes result into suffering. This is God’s way of awarding punishment for Karma.

So when Planetes are to be appeased and Shanti Prayogas are to be performed,